Project Safe Neighborhoods

Services: Public safety analysis, Policy analysis, Program evaluation

Research Areas: Criminal Justice, Public Safety, Housing & Community Development

PPI partnered with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department to serve as the Indianapolis Project Safe Neighborhoods local research partner. Our team provided information regarding existing research on best practices in anti-gang and anti-gun strategies and programs nationally, for strategies proposed and adopted by the Indianapolis PSN, including assessment of the likely effectiveness of programs considered for funding under this project. We also collected and analyzed information required by the PSN Task Force for planning interventions and evaluating existing and proposed programs, to facilitate the development of overall PSN project goals. As the PSN Task Force designs and implements new programs, PPI documented the characteristics of programs actually delivered, including information about program participants, service providers, and services delivered.

Rachel Thelin
Samuel Nunn
  • Samuel Nunn
  • Public Safety Research Director
Kenna Quinet
Thomas Stucky
  • Thomas Stucky
Bill Newby
  • Bill Newby
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