Marion County Reentry Court Program Evaluation

Services: Crime analysis, Program evaluation

Research Area: Criminal Justice

The Center for Criminal Justice Research (CCJR) is working with the Marion County Reentry Court to complete a baseline program evaluation. The MCRC was established in 2005 as an effort to provide a comprehensive approach to prisoner reentry, consisting of intensive criminal justice supervision accompanied by substance abuse treatment and an array of multi-faceted support services. Eligibility for the MCRC program is based on release through the Community Transitions Program (CTP) and/or parole or probations programs. Additionally, preference is given to offenders with substance abuse and addictions issues. The program’s primary purpose is to provide access to intense services that assist those reentering to break the cycle of drug addiction and crime. Overall objectives include reducing the risk of paroled individuals relapsing, reoffending, and reentering the criminal justice system.

Rachel Thelin
Samuel Nunn
  • Samuel Nunn
  • Public Safety Research Director
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